Medical Malpractice Attorney in Pittsburgh, PA

If you were injured due to the actions of a doctor or other medical professional, receive the support you need for your case from Gilardi, Oliver & Lomupo. Our medical malpractice attorney in Pittsburgh, PA, serves clients throughout the area. When you turn to our medical malpractice lawyer, you can count on us to be there for you during every phase of the case. Schedule a consultation with our personal injury attorney for more on our options.

Doctors looking at x-rayMedical malpractice and negligence refer to the failure of a medical professional to use the appropriate level of care, skill, or diligence in the performance of his/her professional duties, which results in harm to the patient. This could come in the form of doing something that a reasonable health care professional would not do under the circumstances or failing to perform an action that any reasonable health care professional would do for the protection of the patient. The appropriate standard of care for any professional is what other medical professionals in the same field of medicine would do in the same situation.

The negligence in medical malpractice cases can occur in a variety of situations, including failing to diagnose a disease, a surgical-related mishap, or a physician’s failure to gain informed consent of a patient for an operation or procedure.

Because medical malpractice cases are by their nature very complex and expensive to pursue – often involving serious and permanent injuries to the client – and they have a high risk of no recovery, our staff will make every effort to determine as quickly and efficiently as possible whether you have a good, actionable case.

During the initial client meeting, our lawyers will obtain a detailed medical history of the client. We also recommend that you prepare a written summary of your medical treatments, including dates, doctors, conversations, and other related information.

Pills being countedTo determine if there is medical malpractice, a medical expert must consult with the plaintiff’s attorney to provide his or her opinion. If the medical expert concludes that the defendant physician was negligent and that actions of the defendant physician were the cause of harm to the plaintiff, only then does the law permit the filing of a lawsuit against the health care provider and/or hospital.

The filing of a lawsuit begins the legal process which may cover several years. During this process, the parties exchange a series of documents, including pleadings, which set forth the legal theories of the case, and various discovery documents, which are used to present facts to support the various legal theories. Depositions, or sworn testimony, may then be taken by the parties. If the parties cannot come to an agreement, the case will go to trial before a judge and jury. Our firm has successfully litigated cases involving:

  • Misdiagnosis
  • Surgical Errors
  • Improper Treatment
  • Misuse of Prescription Drugs & Medical Devices
  • Gastric Bypass Surgery
  • Obstetrical Negligence
  • Brain Injury or Neurological Damage
  • Paralysis & Blindness
  • Radiological Errors
  • Orthopedics
  • Medication Errors
  • Unnecessary Surgery

If you or a loved have been injured because of medical negligence, call us to request a free consultation. We work on a contingent basis, and you only pay if there is a monetary award. In almost all cases, we will agree to advance all of the costs of the suit, and we will only be repaid in the event of recovery. Thus, you as the client will suffer no additional economic losses in the event there is no recovery. Please note that the lawsuit must be filed within the statute of limitations.

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