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Understand your rights when you consult with a labor law attorney in Pittsburgh, PA. In addition to representing clients dealing with the aftereffects of a workplace hazard, Gilardi, Oliver & Lomupo also offers a series of services for clients facing unfair labor practices. Schedule a consultation today to trust us with your situation.

Men working on ceilingGilardi, Oliver & Lomupo has represented labor unions and working people since 1969, and currently represents multiple unions throughout Pennsylvania and other areas of the country. Our practice includes negotiation of labor contracts as well as representation of unions and their members before the federal, state, and local courts, the National Labor Relations Board, the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA), the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission, the Pennsylvania Human Relations Commission, the Pittsburgh Human Relations Commission, the Department of Labor, Unemployment Compensation Board of Review, and the Pennsylvania Workers’ Compensation Appeal Board. We have represented unions and members concerning a wide variety of issues including breach of contract disputes, discharge and discipline matters, discrimination issues, unemployment and workers’ compensation denials, unfair labor practices, retiree medical issues, and organizing matters. We have counseled our union clients in strike situations, have represented them in injunction matters to ensure that they can publicize their disputes with unfair employers, and have counseled our unions to reach appropriate settlements of a wide variety of disputes.

Forklift in warehouseOur labor lawyers and workers’ compensation lawyers work closely together to ensure that when a union member is injured, he or she gains the benefit of both the labor agreement as well as all entitlements under the workers’ compensation statute and personal injury law. Unfortunately, when a union member seeks legal advice from a lawyer who is not familiar with the union contract, that member often loses important rights because the contract and workers’ compensation rights have not been coordinated.

Our experienced labor lawyers have taught labor law courses for other lawyers and college students and have also conducted training seminars for union officers and stewards.
If you or a family member has any questions concerning your employment contract or any other issue related to your employment or working conditions, call us for a free initial evaluation of your case.

Contact us in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, to address labor concerns at your job site. Our attorneys offer services for clients throughout the area.