Workers Compensation - Specific Loss Benefits

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If your work injury causes a loss of a specific body part or results in a loss of use of that body part for all intents and purposes, then you are entitled to a set amount of benefits regardless of your actual wage loss. To find out the amount of benefits you are entitled to, please contact our office.  In addition, loss of sight or hearing caused by your work is compensable under the WC Act. However, there are very specific thresholds and time limits which must be met before you can recover for these types of losses. If you think you have hearing loss as a result of your work activity you should consult with an attorney immediately.

The Act also provides for the payment of benefits for disfigurement to your face and neck as a result of a work injury. The amount of benefits you will receive depends on the extent of the scarring suffered. Scarring caused by neck surgery is also compensable.